Me & Horses offers individual, group and weekend horsemanship clinics. We have wonderful school horses for every level of rider or you may bring your own horse (prior approval required if used in a group lesson).


Group lessons are limited to no more than 6 students per class. When assembling classes, we take into consideration the student’s age, skill level and goals. Our lessons are game oriented with lots of laughter while still teaching basic horsemanship skills. Rides are taught in a positive, creative and motivating environment that challenges our students to achieve their goals while having a great experience and maintaining a safe ride. Our goal is to keep it safe, fun and educational.


Adult lessons are taught in a more relaxed environment with a sense of humor while focusing more emphasis on the mechanics. We understand that most adults are riding as a form of exercise and recreation and haven’t been in a saddle in a long time, if at all. It’s time to be a kid at heart!


Private lessons are available for the student that wants individualized lessons. Usually these lessons are focused on specific issues that the student is having with their own horse or to achieve a specific goal in their riding. We will work with you to determine the best method to achieve your goals.


Weekend clinics are offered for more intensive training. In addition to a lot of saddle time we incorporate ground work and desensitization methods for achieving a higher level of understanding and cooperation with your horse.